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About Us - ItineraryFrog.com

At ItineraryFrog.com we provide ready-for-you trip outlines and travel itineraries which you can use to plan your next big adventure. Whether you need inspiration about where to go, want help planning a family vacation, are looking for the best way to spend a weekend during a business trip, or are seeking a romantic honeymoon itinerary, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to create helpful resources you can use to plan your perfect getaway, saving you time.

Launched in 2019, we started to publish new articles and guides regularly in 2020, expanding our portfolio of fantastic travel plans and trip experiences so you can skip the mundane parts of planning your getaway and simply go!

About the Owner of ItineraryFrog.com

Joe from Itinerary Frog

Hi, my name is Joe! I’m from Maine, USA and a father of two amazing kids. I’ve always loved to travel, and my wife does too. My favorite part is how I learn about myself along with the places I visit.

I’m glad you’re visiting my website. I created this site with busy people in mind. People who want to travel, and may do so more often if I mapped some of the logistics out for them ahead of time.

Work, kids, appointments, classes … it all gets in the way. With Itinerary Frog I’ll try to remove some of the pain and make trip planning easier for you.

Why Itinerary “Frog”?

To me, a frog feels like the perfect choice for a travel brand … especially one focused on itineraries which help travelers hop from one destination to another.

Why Make Another Travel Blog? Aren’t There Enough Already?

I saw a gap in the travel industry for pre-planned trip outlines that people could choose, modify if they wished, and use to quickly book an amazing trip. I’m trying to fill that need here.

There are a lot of other travel bloggers I admire. I’ll link to their great work when it’s natural (and helpful) to do so to share some of my favorite blogs and resources with you.

My day job is in digital marketing, and I’ve got some experience in the industry (I worked for an international travel company for 7 years). I bring this experience to ItineraryFrog.com and try to offer polished content that is accessible and helpful to visitors. Thanks for being one of them!


Samantha Lord, Contributing Writer to ItineraryFrog.com

Samantha Lord

A seasoned freelance writer, Samantha has written on pretty much every topic under the sun, but travel is one of her favorites.

With an adventurous spirit, Samantha loves to learn about new and fascinating places, sharing her discoveries with readers. She lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.